JPETSTORE provides an exemplary online shop that has been instrumented with Kieker for the analyses presented in this demo.

RECORD LIST shows the session id, the trace id, a part of the method signature and the method response time of the last 100 called methods of the JPetStore. There is a freeze button to stop updating the site, so that you can look at the details. A mouseover on trace id shows the whole record which is generated by Kieker and a mouseover on signature shows the whole method signature.

METHOD RESPONSE TIMES shows a line chart with the number of method calls and a bar chart with the response times of these methods.

SYSTEM MODEL shows the runtime collected components, operations, etc of the JPetStore.

CPU AND MEMSWAP shows the CPU and memory utilization of the available cores.

JVM Data provides additional information about the JVM, in which this web application is currently running. This includes the running time of the Just-in-Time compiler, the number of loaded classes and used threads, as well as information about the heap and the garbage collectors.